The Gratitude List 2018

There is so much chat about gratitude, especially this time of year, this time of looking inward and looking forward to the coming year. If you have spent any time pondering what you are grateful for in your life, you know that once you begin, the list is never ending! My personal list of blessings includes my family, both people & animals. I am lucky enough to spend a lot of time with my father being the only child who ventured out into the world then came back home.

With The Gratitude List from Pure.Better.Cleaner, I share my key lessons & gifts of the past year.  I feel that these people, products and organizations are so special that it is important to share them with you.

It is my hope that you will also benefit from one or more of them in the year to come!

  1. PinchofYumPinch of Yum — Do you know those foodies who are Pinch of Yum?  Well, I am a big fan of Lindsay & Bjork Ostrom (+ team & family :). Lindsay began blogging while teaching 4th grade because she loves cooking and writing about it.  In not so very much time, the blog became what they both do. I like them for a lot of reasons.  They are fellow Minnesotans, dog lovers, foodies and a former teacher. I also love that they help others blog. With clear instructions and a straight forward method, they outline a road map that will take you to the desired destination — a successful blog — all the while reminding one that each of us travel along our own road. The gift I received from them is the certainty that I can grow a blog that will help our planet and be my way of life.  Thank you, Pinch of Yum!!
  2. Gene@Hy.VeeLakevilleLife’s Pure Balance – I am lucky enough to call Gene Wood, Owner & CEO of Life’s Pure Balance a mentor and business partner.  With a background in chemical engineering, Gene created his signature product — Fruit & Vegetable Wash — which cleans the waxes and pesticides off your produce making it safe to eat and also delicious. Gene has been generous with his time and ideas.  He saw potential in me when it was just a shy whisper in my own ear.  The gift I received from Gene is watching and learning from his journey of creating a great, useful product to growing it to being sold all across the state of Minnesota.  Thank you, Gene Wood!!
  3. BNI.jpgFireside Chapter, BNI – Have you heard of the business networking organization, BNI?  Business Networking International was begun by Ivan Meisner in California and has grown globally. Minnesota celebrates the BNI philosophy — the benefit of business professionals networking in chapters focusing on relationship first, education next, with the intent of growing one’s business.  For solopreneurs like myself, Fireside gives me a powerful group of resources both for growing my brand and for my expanding network. Fireside is exceptional offering educational and networking groups beyond the weekly chapter meetings.  The gifts I have received from Fireside — in addition to business growth — include marketing mentoring, business strategy & presentation skills.  Thank you, Fireside BNI!!
  4. GoldenCircleSinekSimon Sinek –  True Confessions — In search of the latest knowledge about Parkinson’s disease and other brain research wanting to help my father to be as healthy as possible, I binge TED Talks. Perhaps you have seen one of  Sinek’s TED Talks, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” or “Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe”. Sinek’s Golden Circle took me to the core of why I was inspired to create Pure.Better.Cleaner.  My Why is that I have reached a plateau from which I can see clearly that healing ourselves and our Earth is absolutely possible.  We have all that we need. My role is to inspire from a place of certainty that healing is possible, that it can and will happen. The gift I received from Simon Sinek is clarity of purpose for the next adventure of my life and for Pure.Better.Cleaner. Thank you, Simon Sinek!!
  5. – Environmental Working Group has been advocating for all things healthier for over 20 years.  The resources they provide on product ingredients, ongoing environmental issues, and civic action are solidly reliable.  I use EWG’s National Tap Water Database when I help a new client learn about what is in their drinking water, because their database provides complete information on contaminants and the latest research on what is, in fact, safe for us.  Environmental Working Group’s National Tap Water Database was recently updated and is an indispensable tool for educating people on the quality of the water they are drinking.  Thank you, EWG!!
  6. DrTerryWahlsDr. Terry Wahls – Terry Wahls beat MS. You heard that right.  Terry was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis in 2000.  Continuing to decline while receiving conventional medical treatments, Dr. Terry Wahls began the research project of a lifetime — her own lifetime.  Dr. Wahls created The Wahls Protocol, a diet and nutrition protocol that not only stopped the progression of the disease but allowed her to heal, to return to the life she had before multiple sclerosis.  She began her research focusing on supplements to support the brain which evolved to the include best foods and vitamins for our brains. Her progressive multiple sclerosis in remission, Dr. Wahls now conducts ongoing clinical trials perfecting her protocol of nutrition and supplementation for those afflicted with multiple sclerosis. Everyone with a brain can benefit from the power of a nutritious diet. The gift my family and I received from Dr. Terry Wahls is a proven method to support our father who is dealing with Parkinson’s disease.  Thank you, Dr. Terry Wahls!!

May 2019 is your very best year yet!

Be well 🙂










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