Our Amazing Earth – The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is considered on of the seven natural wonders of our planet.  Layer upon layer of rock has been revealed by water and time.  If you have not yet been to the canyon, go.

Here is a short video of my recent visit to the canyon.  I have been blessed to visit the Grand Canyon several times, have hiked the Bright Angel trail to the bottom of the canyon and stayed at Phantom Ranch.

HappinessG did not travel with me this trip, but he will the next time, and we will hike the Rim Trail together! Ed&MeGCSelfie

Be well 🙂





Photo Credits:  A.M. Beaulieu & E.T. Beaulieu

Our Amazing Earth – Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon is a river gorge between Sedona and Flagstaff in northern Arizona.  Only 12 miles in length, the canyon is considered the smaller cousin to the Grand Canyon because of its craggy walls dotted with deciduous and evergreen oaks. At its base is Oak Creek.


Check out my recent visit to Oak Creek Canyon here (Happiness G wasn’t able to fly to Arizona, but he will hike with me the next time 🙂 ) I traveled with my father who is 79 this year.

The weather was incredible, perfect for taking photos. We enjoyed every moment of our trip.

Be well 🙂


Photo Credits: A.M. Beaulieu & E.T. Beaulieu

Our Amazing Earth – Minnehaha Falls

What one hears most often about Minnesota is how cold it is in the winter.  We do have cold weather, but it is also lovely.  Minnehaha Falls is the centerpiece of Minnehaha Regional Park, one of the oldest and most popular parks in the city of Minneapolis. The park features the majestic 53-foot waterfall, limestone bluffs and river overlooks.  In winter, the falls become a cascade of blue ice.






HappinessG approved:) Check out our visit here.


Be well 🙂 Annette & HappinessG



Our Amazing Earth – Minnesota Valley

The Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge is home to bald eagles and other waterfowl, migrating birds, fish and wildlife like river otters and coyotes . Along 70 miles of riverfront are 14,000 acres of habitat, a large part right alongside 3 million neighbors of the Twin Cities and suburbs.

MNValleySelfieIt is HappinessG Approved! Check out our visit here.

Be well 🙂 Annette & HappinessG